With local children in Zanzibar, Tanzania | Sept 2018

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Dr. Helen Sairany

Thank you for visiting my site. I am a clinical pharmacy specialist and academic with a background in research, innovation, and motivation. I have the privilege of mentoring the next generation of pharmacy professionals while advocating for the pharmacy profession. I have extensive experience with regulatory, practice, and accreditation systems, including ACPE, FDA, DEA, CME, and the Joint Commission. In my current role at APhA, I am tasked with developing educational activities, annual conference curriculums, and certificate training programs for pharmacists across the country. I have recruited hundreds of national experts and maintain close working relationship with them to ensure first-class quality of pharmacy education. My greatest passions in life are working with the diverse mix of cultures, people, and traditions who I interact with. As such, my work frequently takes me outside of the United States, beyond the bounds of the pharmacy profession into the fields of adult education, discrimination, immigration, and worker’s rights. I have discovered that health is connected to everything, one way or another.